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Your main water line is an essential part of your plumbing system. The water line is the source of clean water for your property. Most people have a water main line that connects to the culinary water system of the local city. Some are connected to a private well that brings your fresh water from deep down in the ground.

The main water line brings all that cold, fresh water through the water pipes in your house to each sink, toilet and tub. That’s why you can simply turn a knob or lift a lever and have that fresh water right at your literal fingertips.

We hope you don’t have to deal with main water line problems, but when you do just know your West Valley Plumber Pros are here to help.

Main lines are generally very reliable, however, they sometimes experience cracks or breaks. Most commonly the issue arises when tree roots grow into the main water pipe. These roots have the ability to break through the hard pipe exterior and grow inside the pipes.

Other times the damage to the pipe can be caused due to construction or work nearby. machinery, shovels or other tools can hit the pipe and create a crack that grows over time. Even construction nearby can sometimes cause damage to main water lines on your property. It’s not common, but possible.

There is also a potential problem when the area has experienced seismic activity such as an earthquake. This shaking can cause the pipes to move underground, which can cause the stable pipes to be moved by the surrounding earth, leading to cracks.

Whatever caused the issue, West Valley Plumber Pros has the equipment and experience to identify if you have a problem, diagnose where it lies, and then fix the issue.

Our experienced plumbers are happy to help you with any main water line problems you may have, so give us a call today at 801-515-0918.

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